Membership Application

Deadline: April 30, 2021

The Front is an artist-run cooperative gallery, structured as an L3C. That means members contribute the time, energy, and funds it takes to run everything. Being a member of the gallery means you are a part-owner of the Front. Members typically:

  • Staff the gallery during open hours, usually one 3-hour shift per month
  • Contribute member dues to keep things running – $50 a month is standard; $60 a month helps us offer memberships to those paying at a lower rate. We do not consider ability to pay as criteria for membership. In addition to dues, the Front takes a 15% commission on art sales.
  • Show work in group shows every other month, and in a solo show to be scheduled in collaboration with other members. (During covid, show schedules have been variable and flexible, but generally alternate between group and solo shows).
  • Attend monthly (zoom) group meetings and serve on committees to handle tasks ranging from hanging art to planning events to publicity.
  • Take part in occasional critiques, movie nights, artist talks, and general camaraderie as part of a group of fun and creative people!

Please read and consider our Equity statement. Our priority is working with awesome artists with innovative, exciting work – if that’s you, please apply below and feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

Application: About you

Application: Images

Please submit 6 images of your work - each image should be no larger than 1024x1024 px or 2MB

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Application: Additional info

Thanks for applying! It may take awhile after hitting 'submit' for files to upload - if you have issues, please email