Hasso Ewing: inside&out

Hasso Ewing: inside&out
Hasso Ewing, Towel Dry, plaster gauze, aluminum, acrylic paint, 2022

May 6 – 29, 2022
Opening reception Friday, May 6, 4-7pm
Artist talk Thursday, May 12, 5:30 pm via zoom – join here.

inside&out, a solo exhibit of new work by Calais artist Hasso Ewing, will be on view at the Front gallery from 6 May through 29 May, 2022. The opening reception will be on Friday, 6 May, 4-7pm. Ewing explores concepts of inner and outer worlds and the relationship between self and other through the experiences seen in her plaster gauze figures.

The exhibit opens with a poolside installation of Ewing’s strange, elongated swimmers, sitting, jumping, floating, hanging together or just being. Together, they reflect experiences of aloneness, joy, conversation, love and humor. Single and pairs of figures appear along the pool’s edge just above the waterline, each illustrating some aspect of the artist’s emotional world. This focus on personal engagement, both with the self and others, is a response to the past two years of separation and isolation.

The back of the gallery will reflect a watery inner world, bringing the viewer inside to find peace and to escape from that which lies just above the surface. 

Let the world run through me, like a deep pool
I float, sink, and rise again
Aware that I could die here
Or gather my strength and break through the surface
Catching my breath and carrying on
We burst into this world, and we float away
Before we know it

 – Hasso Ewing

In March 2020 Ewing returned early to the US from Morocco due to the pandemic. In response to Vermont’s closing down and implementation of social distancing, Ewing began working to bring together an exhibit of 60+ artists and 55 poets, creating an immersive exhibit of sculpture, haiku, light and music, which reflected the artists’ feelings around sheltering in place in the time of Covid-19. That exhibit, ‘the Sheltering in Place project’, shown at Highland Center for the Arts in July 2020, shifted Ewing’s approach to her work. Drawing on past exhibit experience, Ewing realized how much she responds to immersive experiences that take us to another place.

About: For most of her professional career Hasso Ewing worked as a commercial designer in graphic and landscape design. After moving to Vermont in 2013, Ewing took to her studio to discover what she had to offer the art world on a more personal level. She has been a member of the Front since 2015 and has shown locally at Kent Museum, Vermont Council for the Arts, the Garage gallery and Highland Center for the Arts, as well as local craft galleries. Ewing works primarily from her home studio in Calais, VT.

For additional information, or to set up an appointment please contact the artist directly at: hassokewing@gmail.com or 978-793-0021http://www.hassoewing.com.