PJ Desrochers: To See & Be Seen

November 5-28, 2021, Opening Reception Friday, November 5, 4-7pm

Artist’s talk on Zoom Thursday, November 18, 7pm – join meeting here!

To See & Be Seen is a nonbinary tarot solo show of artwork created by PJ Desrochers. The show invites you to experience Desrochers’ artistic process. They seek to make transparent the layers of their journey building a nonbinary tarot deck. The work details their initial gender exploration and experiences coming out as nonbinary later in life. Desrochers invites the viewer to visually explore the processes involved in embodying the concepts and archetypes present within each card.

Desrochers uses the tarot as a reflective tool, a mirror of sorts to see and support current states of brain, soul expressions, heart expansions, and human beingness. The tarot offers the opportunity to see and be seen. Creating this deck gave Desrochers the experience and practice of being held exactly as they are; they hope it offers the same to all of you.
To See & Be Seen Nonbinary Tarot was made centering PJ’s nonbinary and queer-as-fuck lived experience to intentionally expand traditional tarot beyond its many binary & cis-gendered representations. Desrochers wants nonbinary humans to be able to pick up this tarot deck and see themselves as they are, without having to do the labor of de- or re-gendering the cards to make them fit.