Monica DiGiovanni

The current exploration of my work investigates themes of birth, death and rebirth, strength and vulnerability, impermanence and interconnectedness, nature, resiliency, chaos, Zen meditation, the study of Buddhist cosmology as it relates to the human condition, and my spiritual practice as a yoga and meditation teacher. Yoga gives people a chance to meet themselves in their most vulnerable moments. It also empowers the practitioner to see outside of their own struggles enough to cultivate connection. As we have collectively witnessed throughout the pandemic, isolation is one of the greatest ills of our time. Interconnectedness and peace are reliant on each of us seeing our individuality as part of the whole. Having gathered tools to dive beneath the layers of familial and societal conditioning so that the possibility for personal fulfillment is more accessible, my 30+ year relationship with yoga and meditation is woven into my creative expression.

Monica DiGiovanni studied painting and drawing at the Pacific Northwest College of art before transferring to the Massachusetts College of Art. There she graduated in 1999 with a BFA in the Studio for Interrelated Media with a focus on performance art and the human body as medium as well a variety of other multi-media disciplines. Between 2012-2013 she spent four months in residency at Welcome Hill Studios in West Chester, NH taking the time to reconnect with and unleash her creative spirit from many years of dormancy. In 2021 she received a fellowship to participate in the Creative Imperative online residency through the Vermont Studio Center. She had been selected to participate in VSC’s Vermonter’s Week Residency in 2020 which sadly didn’t happen because of the pandemic. Currently she is a co-owner of The Front cooperative gallery in Montpelier with near 20 other artists. Monica currently lives and works out of her apartment studio in Montpelier, VT. In addition to being an artist and Zen practitioner she loves her role as a yoga and meditation teacher.